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"This Haircuts CD-r is a self-released repress of an earlier release on Scotch Tapes. Swim Ignorant Fire is the solo guise of Stephen Holliger who plays in Veyou with Nick Hoffman (Katchmare), a duo which made one of the coolest tapes of the year back in January.
“Seeds on a Sunday Wedding” kicks things off with a twitchy, glitchy beat, keyboard swells and a creepy manipulated sample of singing. Weird but also weirdly comforting. That feeling disappears with “Marc Ribot can Kiss My Furry Ass!” a pairing of loud, scratchy beats and manipulated guitar melodies. I dig a sample of a live snare that comes into play in the second half of the track. Still not sure what Ribot did to anyone though, I always liked that dude’s playing. “Come to Pop Pop” brings back that weird ghostly singing and sets it to a weird distorted waltzing melody. “I Just Got Shot in the Love Handle” reminds me of a piece of music from Requiem for a Dream, which is awesome to say the least. Super groovy, grimy, crunchy and melodic. Very cool jam. “Take Something with You” brings back that ghostly singing but this time over a surprisingly straightforward arrangement. The track is mostly unfettered acoustic guitar with a few fragments of beats here and there. The placement of the acoustic guitar works incredibly well, creating a brief oasis in the middle of the record from the dirty machines that usually dominate it. “GPA Won’t Stop Being Epic” makes up about a fourth of the album’s length. It continues with acoustic guitar as well as televangelism and rave beats. “The Fall of Leaves” features a thematically driven recording of trudging through leaves, with a very pretty reversed melody. That ghostly singing sample reappears here though it doesn’t totally gel with everything else going on in the track though there’s a nice lilting accordion near the end. “Let You Down” and “I’m All Better” continue in the mellow tradition of the second half of the album; I think the latter is the better of the two though. The short closer “New Dress” joins a bristling Velcro beat with manipulated vocals and a simple guitar melody. "
- Auxilary Out

Polish to English Translation:
"He took me this team. Really. I have the impression that they could all put in their music and completely sprawdzałoby that. Nothing would seem out of place. It is certainly a gift.
They can do piskliwo-scratchy electronic piece, and a moment later to present okołoakustyczną insert i. .. no right to wonder. In the end it goes to one philosophy of music.
This album is thus a kind of cocktail ... Or drink. Apparently puts to some root. I do not know who it came up, but since so many people praise it - say, something worked. Similarly, in this case. I listen to again and again Haircuts and still be happy to start from scratch. Specific severity of these sounds has something ... poetic."


released January 1, 2009

Released by Scotch Tapes in Jan 09
tape shared with Jesi Langdale



all rights reserved


Swim Ignorant Fire Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Come to Pop pop
I'll miss you when I'm gone,
I've missed you before I left.
Track Name: Take Something with You
Canoe and Sunshine,
Paddle from the inside,
Stop Hiding,
Take Something with You
(so we don't forget)